Select a key shape that appeals to you most. You are bold, not afraid of speaking your mind and are confident. One fascinating aspect of this key is that because of its biting cuts, you are not sure if it will open any lock and despite that, you chose it. This means that you are not scared of doing what you want to do and are open to new ideas.You are a charismatic person who is also very innovative. You speak your mind and are hard to pin down, even to promises and you love your independence.You are practical as this key may be the most effective one in opening doors. You are rational and have strong analytical skills. However, at times you may be vulnerable.You are imaginative and creative. However, you can often feel excluded from others because of your unique personality. You take things to your heart and feel that others misunderstand
you more often than not.You are a cheerful person and easy going.  You are the one who always look at the full half of the glass, rather than the empty half. But at times you may act impulsively, leading you to unfavourable situation.You possess good sense, have good concentration and are loyal. You take the traditional route and are afraid of stepping beyond your comfort zone.