Which type of sky makes your day?
You are a very curious soul and get bored very easily. That’s why you must keep yourself surrounded by things that you find interesting. People like your company but you can act a bit loner from time to time.

You are independent but can act rebellious at times. Most of the times, you are a very positive person who is all set to seize the day.

Wisdom is a word that best describe you. You can easily connect with others. However, when it comes to your own emotions, you may not like to show them at all. You like keeping your emotions in the dark while being able to fathom others’.

You are spontaneous and love adventures. You are a very energetic person and this drives people to you. Another thing you must do is accept the consequences of your actions rather than shirking them away. This will make your life simpler.

You are a peace lover and a pacifist, who is a blend of extroversion and introversion Others find you likeable as you respect them.

You are honest and love being clear about things. Your friends and family can always count on you. You can be a bit sensitive at times though. Yet, you do not answer anger back with anger.